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Expected next shipments:

18 October 2018
first week of November 2018
first week of December 2018
first week of February 2019
first week of March 2019
first week of April 2019
first week of May 2019
first week of June 2019
first week of July 2019
first week of August 2019
first week of September 2019

TAPE ALL BOXES COMPLETELY for protection in transports against rain during loading and unloading process.
We are not responsible for damage during shipping the boxes that are not taped. Tape you can buy from us at 1.50 euro per roll, you need one roll to tape one box completely. Do not use expensive gray duke-tape which can not withstand the heat , it come loose during transport and then your goods are not protect. Also, do not brittle materials in the balikbayan boxes as TV screens, etc. we are in no way responsible for broken materials in the boxes.