Change of Port

Manila has been dealing with a long term problem of port congestion due to the TRUCK BAN (any vehicle that crosses the weight threshold of 4,500 kls are placed under the Truck Ban and must follow its window hours and use only the allowed routes; our container weigh more than 29,000 kls) thus making the process slower and it is not ideal to send the cargo there  anymore. As a result they always face the problem with BERTHING.

A ship’s allotted place at a wharf or dock.

Moor (a ship) in its allotted place.

Those boxes  who are bound for Luzon and other places it will be transferred via RORO or container. Like always all boxes goes in one container and will be sorted out once it gets to the port.

Be reminded that all shipments are labeled with ETD/ETA which means Estimated only, unless we get an update from the shipping company that the boat has left and will state the ATD, Actual Time Departure and even sometimes it could change it’s course without informing us and somehow we wouldn’t know the reasons why. Sad to say we have no influence over the matter. For duration please click here