How it works

How it works?

If you wish to send a box to the Philippines and you want to do this relatively for a low price we can help you. Here’s the method.

box1 You ask for empty boxes and we will send them to you by Post (6,95 voor 1 tot 3 dozen) or you can pick them up from our home. We ask 5 euro for each empty box (non refundable).

box2 You pack all the goods properly so that they are protected during transportation from shocks and bad weather. Fragile business puts you well protected in the middle of the box. Make sure there are no prohibited items into the boxes (see terms and conditions)

box3 You fill up the packing list and the sender and receiver information. You can download the Packlist here you can download the terms and conditions

box4 Wrap the outside off the box totally with brown or transparent protection tape, this will protect your boxes against rain and damp. This is very important because otherwise the boxes may be damaged during transport and possibly open. Tape you can buy at us for € 1,50 per role, one role is just good for taping one box.

box5 From the moment that the boxes are wrapped contact us an we will pick up your boxes or you can bring the boxes to us. Just what you like.

box6 We send a container with your boxes to the Philippines from the port of Rotterdam.

box7 The box will be about 28 to 35 days on the sea to the Philippines. The boxes are distributed as provided by our staff depending on the destination. All boxes go to be delivered between 20 days from the moment they arrived  in Philippines. So the boxes are maximum 55 days on the way calculating from the moment the ship leave the port in Rotterdam. We always put the schedule on the website by Shipping.

box8 We deliver the boxes door to door. The receiver don’t have to pay any cost for the delivery.

box9 Please always write down a cellphone number or landline number on the boxes so that our people can call if they come near. Sometimes, the delivery is very late in the evening or very early in the morning.