How it works

How it works?
Here is the method on how to send a balikbayan box to the Philippines to your loved ones for a reasonable  price. 

box1 You can order the empty boxes and we will send them to you via PostNL for €5.00 ( upto 9 boxes) or you can pick them up from our home address. We asks €5.00 for each empty box (non refundable).

box2 Wrap each boxes with brown or transparent tape completley this will protect your boxes against rain, damp, damages and to avoid complaints of stealing. Please avoid using ducttape unless you will cover it again with transparent tape. We charges €6.00 per box for retaping your boxes 

box3 Make sure there are no prohibited or illegal products in the boxes. Sending fragile items at your own risks make sure to pack them well and placed in the middle of the box . Avoid wine glasses and crystals, drinks with bubbles and in cans, cleaning liquids, oils and paints. (see terms and conditions)

box4 Fill up the packing list completely with the box number, sender’s and receiver’s information with an active contact number.  You can download the packing list here and the terms and conditions

box5 Please make an early reservations if you are planning to send in the coming shipment and confirm one week earlier than the pick up date.

box6 From the port of Rotterdam to the ports of Cebu or Manila will take between 39 to 55 days without delays from the date of the departure and not the dates of pick up. You can check here Shipping. Upon arrival the container has to go through the customs for examination clearance can take up to 14 days.

box7 Consider some unexpected delays due to holidays, weather and port congestions (present problem COVID-19).

box8 We don’t give the contact number in the Philippines unless there is a problem. They will call when the boxes are ready for delivery. If you want to inquire the whereabouts of your boxes, don’t let the receiver contact us but rather ask us directly to resolve your queries quicker.