August 2020

The pick-up for August

Saturday August 15th – Amsterdam, Lelystad, Amersfoort, Rotterdam.
Sunday August 16th – Belgium, Antwerpen and Brussels.
Saturday August 22th
– Amsterdam, North Netherlands, Friesland, Groningen, Almelo, Utrecht.
Sunday August 23th – Zeeland, Belgie, Brabant.
Saturday August 29th – Den Haag, Utrecht, Arnhem, Germany, Nijmegen, Gorichem, Rotterdam.
Sunday August 30th – Luxembourg, Limburg, Brabant.
Saturday September 5th – Amsterdam area, Utrecht area, Rotterdam area, Den Haag area.
Sunday September 6th – Zeeland, Brabant, Belgium.

The closing date is on September 14.
Loading container is on September 18.

Make sure you’re on time, because the boxes that are picked up last will be loaded last in the container.

Dates might change due the space availability.