Corona Update

Despite of the current status of the WORLD that we are facing presently, we would like to inform you that we are still collecting Balikbayan Boxes and ship them to the Philippines.

We are back on the tracks again! Pick up in full swing in The Netherlands, Belgium and West Germany. So let’s get the packing ready.

On the other side of the world. Even though there are some government restrictions in the Philippines we are still busy with the deliveries to your loved ones, as much as we would like to ensure a fast delivery please understand that we are bound to abide by the Government rules and regulations like everyone else, we also think on the safety of others. Every Provinces, Cities and Towns has it’s own local policies about incoming and outgoing deliveries, please bear with us your understanding is highly appreciated. We are on the same side here. We also want to keep the flow of the delivery going, people are eager to earn a living and they have tried in every possible way to meet the demands.

We will keep you updated in any way we can and as soon as we can, as we are only depending on the reports from our forwarders and designated local agents in the Philippines.

In the meantime let us all be patient and hope that we can call this problem a “history” soon.