Corona Update

Since the infamous virus has hit us everything has been changed. From local to international logistics, price-wise and speed-wise. It has also a big impact in the terms of container availability. Though we tried to pleased everyone sometimes somethings are not under of our control. There are always an unforeseen delays. Every shipments and every companies are different so you can not really say that the other company are faster than us, it is a matter of which boat it is being loaded and it’s routes. We always choose the best trip possible but when there are one to none available container then we have to settle of what we are being offered.

We are thankful enough to have this privilege as a Filipino that we can send Balikbayan Boxes back home. It is quite of a struggle but in the end it’ll get to it’s destinations. That being said, we will still continue to serve you and we are asking for your full understanding and as we can never tell what lays ahead.

Thank you for your patronage as always, we value each one of you.