Packing tips

On this page we give some important tips on packing your goods have optimal protection during transportation. Keep always in mind that your boxes repeatedly load and unload in containers, trucks, carts, and especially by human hands are moved.
Dents are here virtually unavoidable if only on a turbulent sea in the container itself to boxes move.

  1. Close all caps from bottles and liquid matters more tightly with tape (see photos below) that will ensure that it already can not spring open. Also place each bottle with liquid in a plastic bag. If the bottle breaks, everything is still in the bag and not the rest of your valuables. Plastic bottles of cheap products (from Aldi or other cheaper mini-market) are of inferior quality and will soon broke.
  2. It is very important that you wrapped the boxes in to brown or transparent tape. This gives more strength to the cardboard boxes and protected from the rain while they are loading and unloading. Tape you can buy from us for 1,50 euros per roll (66m), 1 roll you need to tape a box completely. Do not use the Grey expensive tapes(duck-tape) they do not hold on the boxes in warm conditions.
  3. Put the more fragile items in the middle of the box well protected by soft goods like clothing, plush bears. Also make sure the cavities becoming filled.
  4. Put heavy items such as dishes not on top of lichen things that they can not break.
  5. Never place perishable goods in the boxes, keep in mind that your boxes up to 2 months may go from the departure of the container in Rotterdam.
  6. Chocolate can be in the boxes but pack them separately, the heat can melt chocolate on the road if not properly protected. A good tip is to pack them individually in Styrofoam with tape around it or just newspaper is also a good protection.
  7. Never do straps or similar around the boxes. This will be damaging your boxes and others  during transportation. Belts are always removed by us advance the transportation, taping is the best you can do. Do not think only on yourself but also to the others.
  8. We have a weight limit of 60kg for a full box. When the box is too heavy (more than 60kg) they easily can break. Divide the weight of the boxes if you send more.
  9. Do not use GRAY duck-tape , it comes off in the heat and is also prohibited by customs because they can not see through duck-tape with their X-ray scan.This tape can not stand the heat and will come off the box, so then your boxes are not good closed anymore. Its expensive tape but for iron and not for carton.
  10. Don’t place liquids that can freeze in the boxes in winter period, the containers go to port and be there a few days on the quayside in the freezing temperatures, This will damage your goods inside the boxes

We can not be held responsible for things that are broken in the boxes. We always handle your boxes with care, we also ensure our employees are well chosen and monitored here.

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Put all of these things separately in a plastic bag and tie it tightly, if it breaks everything stays in the bag without affecting your other things.

Please be informed of the prohibited Items for Balikbayan Boxes to Philippines :

  • Tyre/Rim
  • Petrol / Gasoline
  • Machine Operated
  • Air Gun or any Gun / Rifle
  • Painting Materials such as paint
  • Alcohol or any liquid that causes flame
  • Battery or any material with Alkaline content.

If the Customs find such items during x-ray and examination inside your boxes, your boxes will be held at the Philippine Customs Authorities.
Please follow these guidelines to avoid delays.